Sports skills have lasting value because they can be practiced throughout one's lifetime. St. Stephen's coaches and teachers encourage healthy competition and foster sportsmanship. Priority is given to developing a sense of fair play and encouraging a team spirit. The program's goal is to involve all students, not just those with natural aptitude.

Our sports include:

Soccer Volleyball
Calcetto Long Distance Running
Pilates Yoga
Weight Room (Boarders only)  

Sports Facilities

Students use the multipurpose, all-weather sports courts, which are located within the campus gates. The courts provide students with an area to play basketball, volleyball, calcetto and other PE activities year round. Soccer is played at a field within walking distance of the school.  Yoga and Pilates take place indoors in the school auditorium, while long distance running and additional PE games are held at the historic Circus Maximus, just five minutes from St. Stephen’s.

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