Throughout the year, students have an opportunity to display their artwork and creations in various locations throughout the School. Students also use the Music & Arts Space, a recently renovated sub-basement area of the main building, which is a dedicated space primarily for the music program.

Student exhibitions are held during the Winter Arts Show, at the St. Stephen's School Art Exhibition during the Spring semester, and at the Rome International School Association Art Show.

St. Stephen's Cultural Center Foundation

Since its foundation in the early 1960s, St. Stephen’s School has striven to foster the diverse cultural and artistic talents of the community.  In May 2006, the Board of Trustees and the Cultural Center's Founding Director, Agnes Martin, extended this mission by creating a cultural center at the school that would become a fulcrum for cultural events for the St. Stephen’s School community as well as for the Rome community at large. In a world where globalization is the magic word, and in a school where it is a daily reality, the Cultural Center serves to make St. Stephen’s a global patron of the arts and culture. Central to the mission is a desire to promote and celebrate artists within the St. Stephen’s community and bring inspiration and understanding by extending an invitation to those beyond.

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