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Strategic Plan

Executive Summary & Report

St. Stephen’s School’s third strategic plan (SP3) sets forth a five-year aspirational vision for the school and an accompanying roadmap for its achievement, consistent with the school’s principles, values, and priorities. More specifically, SP3 identifies opportunities to be exploited, addresses raised concerns, and accounts for emerging developments. It was developed on a collaborative basis, drawing on the efforts of working committees comprised of board members, faculty, and administrators.

SP3 consists of nine initiatives organized into three thematic categories:

Pursuant to the Board’s role, SP3 is intended to chart a high-level policy direction for the School going forward and to leave to the Head of School and the senior leadership team the day-to-day implementation of the Plan. The Trustees will provide support as appropriate and will regularly monitor and assess the Plan’s execution. SP3 is a living document and its implementation is intended to allow sufficient flexibility to address changing circumstances and budgetary constraints.

The Trustees are hopeful that the Plan will provide useful guidance to the Head of School and consequently will measurably advance the School’s interests. We look forward to working with the School’s broader community to ensure that St. Stephen’s continues on its upward trajectory.