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Strategic Priorities

St. Stephen's Fund

The St. Stephen’s Fund encourages alumni, parents, and friends to renew their St. Stephen’s ties by making annual gifts. Their collective support enables the Head of School to respond to immediate needs, unexpected opportunities, and fresh ideas. Annual gifts are put to use as they come in, making them an essential complement to the endowment, which is invested for the long term. All students benefit from the St. Stephen’s Fund.

The 1964 Society
Named for the year in which the School was founded, The 1964 Society gratefully acknowledges benefactors whose yearly donations of $1,964 or more to the St. Stephen’s Fund show that St. Stephen’s is close to their hearts. Donors are members for the 12 months after their gift is received, and membership is renewed with a contribution of $1,964 or more. Funds raised from The 1964 Society are pooled with St. Stephen’s Fund donations and spent the following fiscal year for the benefit of all students.


Launched in 2014, iLab, the innovation lab at St. Stephen’s School, is a co-curricular program that enables students to explore new technologies and STEAM-related material while building critical skill sets related to technology, design, and engineering. iLab students follow curriculums to learn the basics of the technologies in the iLab and work collaboratively to imagine, design, and create projects that inspire them.

Pope Ullman Fund for Student Trips

Student trips remain a hallmark program at St. Stephen’s and the Pope-Ullman Fund enables all students to participate regardless of financial ability. The Maine Family (Eugenie and Ron Maine, Sarah, Class of 1995 and Valerie, Class of 1999), have generously given a matching grant in support of the Pope Ullman Fund in recognition of the importance and tradition of Service Trips at St. Stephen's and to encourage others to give to the Pope Ullman Fund.

Alumni Legacy Scholarship

The Alumni Legacy Scholarship supports the children and grandchildren of alumni, staff, and faculty who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend the school.

Ely Fund for Junior Faculty

The Ely Fund provides the Head of School the flexibility to recruit and retain top faculty, thereby securing St. Stephen’s School’s tradition of academic excellence and positioning our students to excel at university and beyond.

Dr. Michael Stannus Fund for Faculty Excellence

An annual award “recognizing a member of the faculty who reflects the highest standards and commitment to working with young people, which exemplified Michael Stannus’ contribution.” Made possible initially with generous gifts from Mr. And Mrs. Peter Rockwell and the Dornburg family, this award honors a member of the St. Stephen's faculty who “inspires and motivates students to inquiry and knowledge, helps realize the individual potential of each student, has a sustained intellectual involvement in his or her area of academic or professional activity beyond the confines of the classroom, and shows interest in helping and advising students.

The Lyceum

The Lyceum is St. Stephen’s Institute of Roman Culture, a program that enriches and expands the school’s Classics courses and programs across the curriculum. Lyceum programs enable students to learn about our shared cultural heritage, to build on the past and unite with the world of technology and globalization to acquire the tools they need to understand, compete, and thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing, multi-cultural world.

Molecular Biology

With a generous gift from Mary Lynn and Rusty Gage, St. Stephen’s is launching a molecular biology program to give students the opportunity to conduct original experiments to study the composition, structure and interactions of cellular molecules – such as nucleic acids and proteins – that carry out the biological processes essential for the cell's functions and maintenance.

Aventinus Minor Project

Archaeological excavation of the Aventine Hill.