The faculty advisor is the primary contact for parents seeking to discuss their child's well-being with the school.

Each student meets with his/her advisor in an advisory group on the first day of school. Parents meet initially with advisors on Back to School Night in late September, and again at Parent-Advisor conferences in November and March. Students meet with advisors as a group on a monthly basis and individually, on an as needed basis.

Advisors collect anecdotal information through grade level review meetings, formal solicitation, and informal conversations regarding the progress/well-being of their advisees. They liaise between class teachers and parents about homework when an advisee has an extended absence due to illness. They monitor academic progress and write comments on mid-term and semester reports. Boarding advisors communicate with the parents of their advisees about family concerns, School activities and boarding life in general.


The Dean of Students organizes the advisory system and consults with students and faculty to designate advisors at the outset of each academic year.

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