• St. Stephen's Arts and Humanities

    Rome, Italy
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: 13-18

    Core courses feature Renaissance Art, and Ancient Roman Topography (a St. Stephen's School signature course) and minor courses are offered in Creative Writing, 2D/3D Studio Art, Music Appreciation, Cooking, or Dance.

    Student Comments

    "It was indescribably wonderful. The whole atmosphere, the classes, the trips, the people... everything was perfect about it."

  • St. Stephen's Summer Bridge

    Rome, Italy
    Language and Math
    New incoming St. Stephen's students

    A two week intensive transitional program for new and entering St. Stephen's School students, aimed at strengthening English language and Mathematics skills in preparation for academic instruction on a demanding high school level. Small classes will ensure personal interaction with teachers, who are experienced faculty member of the English and Mathematics departments at St. Stephen's School.

  • St. Stephen's Service Trips

    Rwanda, Lithuania, Sri Lanka and Rome
    Grades: 9th-12th

    Students spend part of their visits teaching subjects such as English and math to children at local schools and orphanages, and working within the community. Learning beyond the classroom also requires students to be involved in fundraising for these trips, as well as school-based events that raise awareness of global issues, and promote cultural understanding.

    Student Comments

    "I have never experienced such sincere kindness and optimism as I have in the people of Rwanda. The affectionate and rambunctious kids we taught and played with every day each had the desire to learn and be the smartest in the class. Rwanda is a country of rich culture with a heart wrenching yet intriguing history which offers an opportunity to learn about the realistic lives of third world communities."

  • Cornell Lacrosse Camp

    Ithaca, New York
    Ages: 6-19

    A variety of boy's, girl's and co-ed sports camps offered throughout summer. Prospect camps for university coaches also available.

    Student Comments

    "I recommend the lacrosse camp if you are really passionate about the sport!"

  • Prati di Tivo, Tennis Parioli

    Rome, Italy
    Ages:15 maximum

    Six hours every day for 2 weeks.

    Student Comments

    "Beautiful campus under the Gran Sasso."

  • Team Prep USA High Altitude Cross Country Running Camp

    Ages: high school

    Four to twenty night stays; attendees will have the opportunity to train at elevations ranging from 7,700 ft. to 10,500 ft. on the Colorado Rocky Elk Mountain Range.

    Student Comments

    "This is a veryyyyy intense running program in the Colorado rockies, and I would only recommend if student is obsessed with the sport."

  • IMG Academy

    Bradenton, Florida
    Ages: high school

    One week or multi-week available. Focus is on developing complete players who can perform in any match situation at any level. Variety of sports offered: tennis, soccer, basketball, golf, lacrosse, track and field.

    Student Comments

    "I recommend it for people who wish to play a lot of sport. I did the Bollettieri Tennis camp." 

  • Manchester United Soccer School

    Private college near Manchester, England
    Ages: 8-17

    6-14 day residential programs which include 25-40 hours of football instruction.

    Student Comments

    "I recommend the soccer camp."

  • Penn State Sports Camp

    Penn State campus, Pennsylvania
    Ages: high school

    Summer camps and clinics offered in many sports including basketball, soccer, dance and lacrosse.

  • Yale-Wesleyan Girls Soccer Camp at Wesleyan

    U Wesleyan campus, Middletown, Connecticut, USA
    High school girls

    Three day camp that fosters the development of women's soccer players through individual instruction and drill work, as well as game play, and provides opportunity to play and interact with players and coaches from Yale and Wesleyan.

  • Luethi Peterson Camps

    Ages: 14-17

    Length of camps varies. Activities include hiking, swimming, arts and crafts, sports, theater, music, dancing and local excursions. In addition, campers may focus on service, such as helping adults or children with disabilities, making repairs on houses for the elderly, or maintaining historic buildings. Emphasis on each person’s responsibility for the health of the camp community. Campers and counselors work together so that, as time goes on, campers take increasing responsibility for the day-to-day running of the camp.

    Various locations:

    • Maine;
    • Estonia;
    • Czech Republic;
    • and Norway.

    Student Comments

    "For three years I have attended three Luethi-Peterson camps, one in France and two in the US. I highly recommend them to anyone. It is a great experience, you get to live with 30 kids that come from different countries. We hike, and then we have to cook our own meals, clean the house every day and do our own laundry. We do many activities, and everyday we organize something different. It's also a great chance to stay in contact with nature, since on the camp electronical devices are not allowed, not even mp3s."

  • Vilage Camps

    Ages: 10-17

    A variety of focuses depending on the camp: adventure and activity; language; leadership; dance; football; film and others.

    Various locations:

    • Austria;
    • Canada;
    • Cyprus;
    • England;
    • France;
    • Singapore;
    • Spain;
    • Switzerland;
    • and USA.

    Student Comments

    "I did the Village Camps in Leysin, Switzerland and would recommend."

  • Burgundy Centre for Wildlife Studies

    West Virginia
    Camp & Work
    Camp: 8-15; Work: 16+

    Camp: An overnight nature camp that incorporates creativity, humor, games, hikes, arts and music into a relaxed but high quality program focusing on animals, plants, geology, astronomy, ecology and conservation.


    Work: Staffed by high school, college, and graduate students and teachers, most of whom were once BCWS campers themselves, and are knowledgeable in specific areas of the natural world. Most are certified in CPR and either Basic or Wilderness First Aid.

    Student Comments

    Camp: "It's absolutely amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves nature and need a fun summer experience."


    Work: "I do not advise to do staff work without prior camper experience unless extremely enthusiastic."

  • New York Film Academy

    Comprehensive Art, Film, Writing Program
    Ages: high school

    Whether you enroll in their acting, filmmaking, screenwriting, journalism, photography, musical theatre, video game design, music video or 3D animation camps you will work with students to make a short film. Each student has the opportunity to play a valuable role in the production of a film while receiving the hands-on instruction needed to perfect your craft.

    Various locations including:

    • New York City;
    • Los Angeles;
    • Walt Disney World;
    • South Beach, Florida;
    • Harvard University;
    • Paris;
    • Florence;
    • and Australia.

    Student Comments

    "I did the 3-week digital filmmaking course based in LA at Universal Studios. It was surprisingly casual, and Iwould recommend it."

  • Idyllwild Arts Summer Program

    Idyllwild, California
    Comprehensive Art, Music, Theatre Program
    Ages: 13-18

    Provides arts instruction and experiences of the highest caliber to a diverse student population of all ages and abilities. It is set on over 200 acres situated in the mountain village of Idyllwild.

    Student Comments

    "Very intense and I would recommend it."

  • Interlochen Center for the Arts

    Interlochen, Michigan
    Comprehensive Art, Music, Theatre Program
    Ages: high school

  • OxBridge Academic

    Oxford and Cambridge, England; Montepelier and Paris, France; St. Andrews, Scotland; Barcelona and Salamanca, Spain; Los Angeles and New York.
    Comprehensive Program
    Grades: 9th or 10th-12th

    Students from over 80 countries are housed and educated in great and historic centers of learning while exploring new cultural surroundings. From Archeology to Zoology, they offer over 160 courses - a dazzling variety of humanities, sciences, social sciences, professional, and creative subjects – transcending traditional classroom limitations and school curricula. Programs in France and Spain, meanwhile, offer courses in English and courses in French and Spanish for all levels, taught in context by native speakers.

    Student Comments

    About Montepelier, France: "I recommend it especially for students who aim to improving their french for further studies, or if they take it as an IB subject. It also offers other subjects taught in French, such as cooking, International Relations, etc." About The Oxford Tradition: "It is a month long and you can pick two subjects to study (a major, and a minor); the major class is by far more demanding and it lasts about four hours (6 times per week).

  • Oxford Royale Academy

    Oxford, England
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: 13-18

    Broad range of courses including Intro to law, medicine and engineering, as well as Psychology, Economics, Politics, Speech and Film.

    Student Comments

    "I would recommend the business and economics courses."

  • Emerson College Arts & Communication Pre-College Studio Programs

    Boston, Massachusetts
    Comprehensive Program
    Grades: rising 10th, 11th & 12th

    Programs aimed at students who have a passion for acting, creative writing, filmmaking, musical theatre, or stage design.

    Student Comments

    "I recommend the Creative Writing Workshop - classes include Art of Fiction, Magazine Writing, Slam Poetry, and Screenwriting, among others. Emerson is in the centre of Boston, which lets you get to know the city!"

  • Rhode Island School of Design

    Providence, Rhode Island
    Comprehensive Program
    Pre-college program
    Ages: 16-18

    A 6 week comprehensive introduction to the college art school experience.

    Student Comments

    "I recommend RISD's summer art classes."

  • Phillips Exeter Summer Program

    Exeter, New Hampshire
    Comprehensive Program

    Five weeks of academic study, athletics, and exploration that carry participants beyond the classrooms and the playing fields.

    • Summer Program: completed grades 9-12
    • Access Exeter: completed grades 7 or 8
  • Summer at Georgetown University

    Georgetown, Washington DC
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: high school

    Offers various programs including three week SAT/college preparation; one week institutes on Medicine, Law, Creative Writing, Leadership, Journalism, Digital Design, and more; and three week immersion programs in Medicine, Economics, Business and Leadership, or Foreign Policy.

    Student Comments

    "I would recommend the leadership institute."

  • Yale Young Global Scholars

    Yale University, Connecticut
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: 15-17

    Two week sessions that focus on: Politics, Law and Economics; International Affairs and Security; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Applied Science and Engineering; Sustainability, Energy and Environment.

    Student Comments

    "I would recommend the science, policy and innovation session."

  • Imperial College London Global Summer Program

    London, England
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: high school

    Two week sessions. Aimed at students who have a passion for science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

    Student Comments

    "I studied robotics and recommend it."

  • Stanford Summer School for High School Students

    Stanford, California
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: high school

    Eight and nine week programs aimed at exceptional students. Students take Stanford undergraduate courses and earn college credit during the summer quarter. Students choose anywhere from one to five courses out of 145 offered in 30 academic departments. Residential, commuting, and online options are available.

    Student Comments

    "It is extremely competitive, but it is absolutely the best program I have found."

  • Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

    Comprehensive Program
    Grades: 7th-12th

    Four programs offered: Intensive Studies; Academic Explorations; Civic Leadership; and Global Studies.

    Campuses of Johns Hopkins and Princeton University; Berkeley, California, and Hong Kong

  • Great Books Summer Program

    Comprehensive Program
    Grades: 6th-12th

    Students take up the Great Conversation of classic literature, with a broad range of texts and an emphasis on the timeless questions: What is the good life? What do I owe my neighbors? What must I do in the face of injustice? Using an approach that dates back to Socrates, we teach by asking questions and stimulating discussion amongst students.

    Campuses of The University of Oxford, Amherst College, and Stanford University, and Dublin Ireland.

  • Summer Discovery

    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: high school

    Offer diverse range of pre-college summer enrichment opportunities, including college credit, enrichment, SAT Prep, internships, business and leadership institutes, and study abroad.

    Programs offered at more than a dozen university campuses in the United States, England and Italy

  • Harvard Summer Programs

    Harvard campus, Boston, Massachusetts
    Comprehensive Program
    Grades: high school

    Offers three two week Pre-College programs in law, computer science, writing, and philosophy. Seven week program offered (residential, commuter or online) with choice of more than 200 college courses taken for Harvard credit.

  • University of Miami Summer Scholars Program

    U Miami campus, Miami, Florida
    Comprehensive Program
    Sophomores & juniors

    Offers three week residential programs in business, health and medicine, law, engineering, film making, digital media production, biology and others.

  • Brown University Pre-College Programs

    Comprehensive Program (including online)

    Multiple programs which run 1-7 weeks in length, and offer more than 300 courses to choose from – on campus, online, and abroad. Among their offerings: Science focused "In the Sea, In the Canopy and In the Future"; liberal arts courses; Leadership Institute; language courses; BELL Environmental Leadership Lab.

    Various locations including:

    • Brown University campus;
    • Costa Rica;
    • Florida Keys;
    • Segovia, Spain;
    • Alaska;
    • and Rhode Island.

    Student Comments

    "At Brown University, I took their Sport Psychology & Sport Physiology, and I would recommend both, along with their Economania course."

  • The George Washington University

    Washington, D.C., USA
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: high school

    Offers College Intensive or Summer immersion; multiple academic and cultural programs; varying lengths, credit and non-credit.

  • Oxford & Cambridge Summer School

    University of Oxford,
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: 15-18

    Offers a range of courses in different academic disciplines; 7 students maximum per class, and students have weekly individual sessions with their tutors to discuss their work in more depth.  Full complement of activities offered. Three two-week sessions.

  • Summer@INSEAD

    INSEAD Europe Campus
    Fontainebleau, France
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: 15-18

    This program uses interactive, practical examples, group discussions and teamwork to help students learn about business in a way that is relevant to their everyday lives. Offers company visits, talks with business leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as cultural and social activities.  

  • LUISS Summer School

    Rome, Italy
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: 16-19

    Offers a Writing Program (creative writing, screen writing, journalism); Digital Marketing Program (didactic methods  on business development); as well as preparatory programs for their university courses.

  • Boston University Summer Programs

    Boston University, Massachusetts
    Comprehensive Program
    Ages: high school

    Offers a rich array of programs including immersion course, research opportunities, comprehensive summer programs, online courses.

  • Investigative Journalism Workshop

    Boston University campus, Boston, MA
    Ages: high school

    Three two-week workshops aimed at students who are interested in journalism or writing. Students participate in seminars and work alongside BU faculty and award-winning local and national journalists on investigative stories that could be published on the center's website or in regional and national publications. Students live on the BU campus and gain hands-on experience in investigative reporting while developing critical thinking and writing skills.

  • School Year Abroad

    Ages: high school

    Offers five-week summer language immersion programs in China, Italy, France, and Spain; living with host families.

  • CMEF: Centre Mediterraneen D'etudes Francaise

    South of France
    Ages: 13-17

    Offers French language courses, cultural and artistic programs.

    Student Comments

    "I would highly recommend it." and "I would recommend it."

  • Goethe Institut Summer Camp

    Germany & Austria - 33 locations
    Ages: 9-21

    Offers German language courses, cultural, and extracurricular program including sports, music, and the arts.

    Student Comments

    "I would definitely recommend it."

  • Divercamp

    Madrid & York
    Ages: 14+

    Focus on language acquisition, Spanish or English; sport; cultural events and activities.

    Student Comments

    "I would recommend Divercamps in Valencia, Spain."

  • Dartington International Summer School

    Totnes, Devon, England
    Music, Writing Enrichment
    All ages

    Four, week-long courses bring together professional and non-professional musicians, emerging artists, writers and poets in a medieval estate in Devon.

  • Brown Ledge Camp for Girls

    Vermont, USA
    Outdoors Camp
    Ages: 10-18

    Offers two 3.5-week summer sessions; lots of activities including water activities and horseback riding; freedom of choice emphasized.

  • Chewonki Foundation

    Maine, USA
    Outdoors Camps
    Variety of ages

    Variety of wilderness and water programs from summer camps to semester experiences; for teenagers; for families.

  • The Road Less Travelled

    Based in Chicago - Opportunities worldwide
    Grades: middle & high school students

    Diverse range of opportunities aimed at community service, environmental service, language, adventure, and scuba diving.

    Student Comments

    "I would definitely recommend their programs."

  • International Service Learning

    Various locations worldwide
    Ages: 14-19

    Opportunities to travel, learn, and volunteer in a variety of amazing settings. Teen volunteers are able to engage with another culture in a meaningful way and begin to cultivate a global awareness that will benefit them as they progress from secondary to university education.

  • High School Volunteer Abroad

    Ages: high school

    Students engage in meaningful volunteer work, learn about complex social issues, and connect with people from different cultures.

    Various locations including:

    • Costa Rica;
    • Ghana;
    • Guatemala;
    • India;
    • and Peru.
  • Projects Abroad

    Office in Naples, as well as the US and Canada.
    Service & Internships
    Ages: 16+

    Offers service and internships in the fields of journalism, medicine, law and human rights, micro finance, international development, business, veterinary medicine, animal care and others in Central and South America, Asia and Romania.

    Student Comments

    "I would definitely recommend their programs."

  • Alphatest

    Throughout Italy
    Test Prep

    Specializes in preparing students for university entrance. Offers specific courses throughout Italy for tests of every faculty, of different durations (from a few days to over one year): the courses provide study and targeted revision of the topics required on the tests, exercises, exam simulations and the strategies for the multiple choice questions. 

    • Aimed at students preparing to enter medicine, vetrinary, dentistry and other science related fields in Italy.
  • Gap Medics

    Based in the UK - Placements worldwide
    Work Experience/Internship
    Ages: 16+

    Provides students with the opportunity to shadow doctors, nurses, dentists or midwives in hospital for 1 – 8 weeks.

    Student Comments

    "I went in Thailand to do the Gap Medics program for a month. I did the pre-medical programme, so I was shadowing different doctors at different hospitals and in different departments. There were some occasions to attend surgeries or child births. I would certainly recommend it to other students." "Tanzania was an incredible experience, and I learned so much. The mentors were always very kind and pushed us to our limits. I certainly advise it to any student aspiring to become a doctor or nurse, however, what you do see can be very harsh at times, and it can be challenging, but one who loves medicine, can only feel enriched by this experience. I would really advise it."

  • Sportello Stage

    Throughout Italy
    Work Experience/Internship
    Ages: 16+

    Connects businesses and organization seeking interns; usually require a minimum of one month.

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