St. Stephen’s must increase its support for financial aid to continue to attract the best and brightest students. Our goal for the 50th Anniversary Scholarship Initiative is to raise $1,000,000. Your contribution could provide an opportunity of a world class education to deserving students who might not otherwise have the chance to study at St. Stephen’s.

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As a small, multi-cultural and close-knit community of students, teachers, counselors, parents and alumni, we support our students with positive feedback, and ensure opportunities for success in an open and positive atmosphere so that students find personal meaning and value in what they are being taught. This environment prepares them to be effective thinkers, citizens and leaders in the complex world they will enter after graduating.


The mix of students at St. Stephen’s has grown dramatically during the first 50 years of its existence. Observe students at St. Stephen’s today and you will see a blend of young people from over 30 different countries and backgrounds. As friends walk together in the cortile, they often link varying cultures and experiences. Students learn from each other by living, studying, working and socializing together.


Our ability to serve the needs of all our families and accept such a wide range of students – students with diverse interests and talents, from every walk of life and every part of the world – strengthens the education we offer. In a multi-national school community, students learn naturally and easily at an impressionable age to be open to and comfortable with many points of view. They broaden their perspectives and see other ways to live.

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