Part-time Laboratory Assistant

St. Stephen's School Rome / Laboratory Assistant
Experience Required

Knowledge of:

  • Laboratory equipment common to high school science laboratories;
  • Principles of physical and life sciences;
  • Elementary laboratory methods and procedures;
  • Appropriate safety precautions and procedures.

Ability to:

  • Prepare laboratory equipment for Laboratory classes;
  • Compound and prepare standard chemical solutions;
  • Use triple beam balance and electronic balance;
  • Maintain accurate records;
  • Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.

Under general supervision, the laboratory assistant organizes and maintains a science laboratory store room; prepares compounds and mixes chemical solutions and reagents; assists in setting up laboratory classes, prepares equipment for experiments and cleans and put back equipment after the class for the four sciences biology, chemistry, environmental systems & societies and physics.


Examples of Duties

  • Prepares laboratory equipment and/or specimens for laboratory classes
  • Disassembles, cleans and replaces in stock the apparatus used in laboratory classes
  • Prepares chemical solutions; weigh chemicals
  • Prepares slide mounts
  • Cleans laboratory glassware and equipment, maintains shelves, tables and sinks in proper working condition; maintains stockroom and laboratory in clean and orderly condition
  • Cares for laboratory plants as assigned; prepares and preserves specimens as assigned
  • Assists in inventory and ordering supplies
  • Buys local consumable supplies
  • Takes inventory
  • Assists in organizing the science orders

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