The visual arts raise students' aesthetic awareness and appreciation of diverse forms of visual expression by exposing them to Rome's rich artistic heritage. With the city as the student’s canvas, the expansive cultural landscape and splendid historical imagery present a unique environment for exploration and discovery.

Our teachers – all practicing professional artists – are from varied backgrounds and work in a variety of mediums and styles. Their goal is to support and inspire each student to develop a highly personal voice. They emphasize technique as the key to artistic control, but not at the expense of originality or imagination.

2D Drawing & Painting

Creativity is nurtured and strengthened by our professional artists – Anita Guerra and Lucy Clink – who teach students “how to see” art, as well as the beauty of interpreting what they see. Drawing proficiently is like writing proficiently; it is a skill that can be learned and is one that forms the basis of other creative endeavors. Painting takes that skill one step further allowing students to expand and diversify their artistic styles.

3D Sculpture

Anita Guerra furthers students’ knowledge of sculpture by creating a platform for a deeper understanding of the three-dimensional elements of form and space. Students develop aesthetic and technical skills using tools and materials, and acquire perceptual and analytical abilities through self-expression and communication in this medium.

Wet and Digital Photography

Professional photographers Liana Miuccio and Fiona Stewart focus on the mechanics and basic elements of photography, as well as on composition and style. Students are encouraged to enhance their visual literacy and to be confident in the decisions they make. The dark-room is an integral part of this program.

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