The St. Stephen’s Fund and Trustee Challenge

St. Stephen’s 2.0

A global crisis of the kind we are experiencing often brings out the best in people and institutions: Informed, caring leadership; adaptation of technologies for new ways of working and learning; a shared sense of purpose and mission. At St. Stephen’s we are learning much from the Covid-19 pandemic, and it has compelled us to sharpen our skills, to strengthen the bonds between teachers, students, and their families, and to appreciate even more the unique value of our global community in Rome.

Rather than looking back, wistfully or nostalgically, we intend to build on the positive aspects of our experience and move forward – sharing pedological best practices among the faculty; expanding our use of technology to enhance classroom learning; investing in operations to optimize systems and security, and supplementing financial aid so our community can welcome additional deserving students in the coming years. In short, St. Stephen’s 2.0.

Why 2.0? Because this is a common designation in the technology world to describe a superior or more advanced version of an original concept, product or service. We intend to build on the attributes that have already made St. Stephen’s an extraordinary school. This year, our Board of Trustees has stepped forward with a generous collective gift of $200,000 as a Trustee Challenge, which we hope will inspire alumni and parents to collectively contribute another $200,000. 

Our priority is gifts to the St. Stephen’s Fund, the school’s annual fund. This year, the St. Stephen’s Fund will support the following initiatives:

  1. E-Learning & Technology

Develop an e-Learning Institute for faculty to learn and share best practices in e-learning strategies and techniques. These sessions will include input from students and result in a more robust digital infrastructure. We will also outfit 25 classrooms with audio and video projection equipment, purchase new digital licenses and subscriptions, and upgrade school servers. 

  1. Health & Safety

Purchase personal protective equipment, sanitary supplies, routine medical diagnostic equipment, build wash stations, purchase classroom furniture to accommodate city regulations, and possibly rent additional teaching space to enable social distancing.

  1. Financial Aid

Many of our families are seriously impacted by the severe financial ramifications of the pandemic. Donations to the annual fund will enable us to offer financial aid to help these students graduate on time, with a St. Stephen’s IB Diploma.

For questions, please contact:

Allison Kemmis-Price

Director of Development

Via Aventina 3, 00153 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 06 5750605

Fax: +39 06 5741941