Boarding at St. Stephen's

An International Boarding Program in the Center of Rome

Welcome to the St. Stephen’s Boarding community! In a close-knit family atmosphere, we offer a diverse group of 47 boarders a comfortable, positive, safe and stimulating environment that values all of its members. We promote personal and academic excellence, fully supporting students as they seek their individual best and develop independence in all facets of their lives. 

Students mature through daily choices and decisions, and through a collaborative effort involving students, faculty and parents, we sustain a healthy, supportive community that values each individual during his or her transformative time here. We cultivate relationships based on warmth, mutual respect and genuine concern, essential qualities for living together harmoniously in a small community. The culturally rich and vibrant setting of Rome affords us endless opportunities for exploration and discovery and figures prominently in the lives of St. Stephen's students.


For more information about our program, we invite you to contact our Boarding Admissions Recruiter at to schedule a visit.

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Boarding Faculty

Boarding Head: The boarding head oversees community life and liaises with parents about everyday events and activities, as well as more specific issues pertaining to the health and wellbeing of the boarders.

Faculty Advisors: Faculty advisors, or boarding residents, work with their advisees ‘in loco parentis’, as advocate and mentor. Faculty advisors monitor their advisees’ progress and communicate with parents about their child’s personal and academic welfare. Boarding residents help plan and supervise recreational activities and excursions, as well as regulate and enhance the quality of dorm life.

Residential Assistants: Residential assistants assist the Boarding Faculty in establishing a comfortable, positive and safe atmosphere for all, and make the boarding environment – physical, social and emotional - feel welcoming and personal.